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EEG Smart Hospital Ecosystem

10-09-2019 t.e.m. 13-09-2019

We are proud to launch ESHE - EEG Smart Hospital Ecosystem during the 28TH CONGRESS OF THE EUROPEAN ASSOCIATION FOR HOSPITAL MANAGER in september. 

ESHE - A synergy of 5 innovative companies to optimise your healthcare efficiency.

The combination of bidirectional communication between clinical, business, and building systems, the implementation of smart, semi-autonomous devices or sensor networks, and the use of analytics within a hospital creates endless possibilities for the development of smart, efficient, and effective hospital processes (“MacKenzie Health”)


In order to be successful in this multi disciplinary challenge, EEG launches the EEG Smart Hospital Ecosystem initiative, (abreviated ESHE).  As the vision above reflects, no company will be able to fulfill the Smart Hospital requirements on its own; rather the success is to be found in new ways of co-operation between industry partners and health care providers.  ESHE aims to bring together experienced healthcare industry providers with the Smart Hospital building blocks in their portfolio.  Within an environment of trust, participants can search for new value through co-creation initiatives and leveraging on each others strengths.

Visit eshe.eeg.be for more information about ESHE and EAHM