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Heilig Hart Ziekenhuis Lier

In the fall of 2023, a modular construction was completed at Heilig Hart Hospital in Lier. The high-tech building accommodates a completely new intensive care department with 16 units on the first floor. On the second floor, there is an operating theater with 4 operating rooms, including 1 hybrid operating room, 13 recovery beds, and 3 recovery units for children. The third floor is designated as a technical space.

This design & build project was carried out in collaboration with construction partner Wycor. The project was fully designed in BIM. The installation of all the technical systems posed a significant challenge here, given the limited installation height of 30 cm in the false ceiling on the first floor.

A remarkable demonstration of craftsmanship from our branches!

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Heilig Hart Ziekenhuis Lier
A new hospital wing (building K) of the university hospital CHU Tivoli.

The building has a total area of 29,400 m² and spans 6 floors with laboratories, offices, rooms, etc.

This is a multi-T project where, in collaboration with the EEG Group, we were responsible for the execution of the electrical installation, plumbing, ventilation, and medical gases.

The works were carried out in a temporary partnership with VMA Nizet / VMA Druart.




EEG Gullegem
Oostlaan 5
8560 Gullegem
+32 56 42 53 43


Legen Heirweg 7A
9890 Gavere
T +32 50 25 25 10


Oostkaai 54
8900 Ieper
T +32 57 33 74 24


Wuustwezelseweg 93B
2990 Wuustwezel-Loenhout
T +32 33 13 43 28


Ieperstraat 412
8930 Menen
T +32 56 51 88 22


Rue des Gerboises 6
5100 Namur
+32 81 21 27 02


EEG Sint-Martens-Latem 
Kortrijksesteenweg 255
9830 Sint-Martens-Latem
T +32 9 225 65 08


Elektro Kamiel Smet
Eekhoornstraat 3
9100 Sint-Niklaas
T +32 37 78 18 27


Heyer Benelux
Lichtenberglaan 2087
3800 Sint-Truiden
T +32 11 68 18 62


EEG Turnhout
Industriedijk 4

2300 Turnhout
T +32 14 37 35 90


De Arend 18
8210 Zedelgem
T +32 50 25 25 10

Centres de compétence.

EEG Medical

EEG Medical
Lichtenberglaan 2087
3800 Sint-Truiden
+32 11 68 18 62

EEG Ventilation
De Arend 18
8210 Zedelgem 
+32 50 25 25 10

EEG Digital Building Solutions

EEG Digital Building Solutions
Oostlaan 5
8560 Gullegem
+32 56 42 53 43

EEG Fire Protection

EEG Fire Protection
Oostlaan 5
8560 Gullegem
+32 56 14 11 30

Steelforce Antwerpen

"It's a pleasure to collaborate with professionals who think along about the most suitable solutions."

Christa Jackson, Steelforce

Steelforce is a Belgian metal trading company with various foreign branches worldwide. As a company, Steelforce places great value on integrity, service, and craftsmanship, and also appreciates these qualities in its partners. The collaboration went extremely smoothly, partly due to this shared mindset.

Renovating while preserving heritage character

During the total renovation of the office building near Meir in Antwerp, the protected facade remained largely unchanged.

Through the intelligent renovation of the existing building with heat pump systems, recovery of ventilation air, solar panels, and a heat pump boiler, a focus is placed on sustainable energy usage.

Equally important for the client is that employees in the building can work in an optimal, tranquil environment. The symbiosis of state-of-the-art techniques, authenticity, and abundant greenery makes this a successful mission.

Sustainable partnership with the contractor

The electrical work was carried out by Elektro Kamiel Smet on behalf of the contractor De Tender.

  • Techniques:
    • General electrical installation
    • DALI automatic daylight control
    • Data installation with the delivery of a test report
    • Fire, burglary, and access control in collaboration with Jadec
    • Video intercom with integration into the internal network
    • Control of sun shading
    • Solar panels

"The collaboration within the construction team proceeded very smoothly. Due to mutual respect and trust between the contractors, a pleasant atmosphere always prevailed in the meetings."

Gino De Bock, project leader